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(Pronounced “Varms”)


Inhabited since the stone age, this region was also a major garrison in the Roman Empire.  In the 5th Century, the Burgundians made it their capital.  Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle was based on the epic Nibelungenlied, which was partly based on historical events of the region.  The town flourished when Charlemagne (see the Aachen Travel Page) made Worms the center of the Holy Roman Empire.


It is perhaps best known for Martin Luther’s contribution to the Reformation at the Diet of Worms.  Events after that, like the 30-Year War and the French Revolution reduced Worms to the status of a small market town.  There was vast destruction in World War II, but since has prospered and grown.



Worms Martin Luther statue 3

The man – Martin Luther.

This statue is located on the main street through town.



Worms St Peters Cathedral 31

In the center of town stands the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, with 4 towers and 2 domes,

which ranks along with Speyer and Mainz Cathedrals as one of the finest achievements of the High Romanesque style. 

The nave is 89 feet high, and the domes are 130 feet high.  It was built in the 11th-12th Centuries.





Worms St Peters Cathedral 30

One end of the Cathedral. 

The two people in the lower right corner put the height in perspective.






Worms St Peters Cathedral 20 by SQE

The sanctuary of the Cathedral.




Worms St Peters Cathedral 25 pipes

The organ pipes in the Cathedral.




Worms St Peters Cathedral 12

The alter of the Cathedral.




Worms St Peters Cathedral 8

Inside the Cathedral was this collection of carvings which once adorned the outside

of the building, before being heavily damaged in WW II.




Worms St Peters Cathedral carving

One of the carvings on the outside of the Cathedral.




Worms statue and Church of the Holy Trinity

Church of the Holy Trinity. 

This church is a lot newer than the Cathedral, being “only” 300 years old.




Worms fountain

Fountain near the Church of the Holy Trinity.





Worms St Martins church 2 by SQE

St. Martin’s Church, another beautiful church in Worms.





Worms WWII Memorial

A memorial to the German soldiers who died in WW II.




Hope you enjoyed

Worms, Germany




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