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Venice, Italy

May 2001


In May, the band traveled to Pordenone, Italy to perform at and around Aviano Air Base.  One day, we had a morning performance and finished around noon.

 Right after a quick lunch, I walked down the street to the train station and bought a ticket to Venice, which is just over an hour away. 

The ticket cost?  Only $14 round-trip.  Maybe if trains were this cheap in America, more people would use them.  It sure beats flying!




Venice 24

My first stop after getting the train in Venice was the Bus Stop.

From here, the “bus” takes you to various stops around the city.





Venice 10 San Marco Sq

San Marco Square.  Also known as St. Mark’s Square.   This is one of the

most-visited spots in Venice.  St. Mark’s Basilica is located here. The

tall structure is the clock tower.





Venice 20 San Marco Basilica

St. Mark’s Basilica.  I think the pigeons outnumber the humans.






Venice 182

One of the many narrow “streets” in Venice.




Venice 28 gondola and San Maria della Salute

A gondola glides past the San Maria della Salute.





Venice 36

Since there are no paved roads in the entire city, this is the typical “driveway”.

Step out of your front door and into your boat, and it’s off to work!

At least you don’t have to mow the yard very often.




Venice 37

These 4 old guys were making good time in their small gondola.





Venice 164

One of the many small bridges that connect walking paths around Venice.




Venice 169 dog in window

Just watchin’ the tourists.





Venice 152 policia

The Policia patrolling the “streets”. 






Venice 66 traffic

Rush hour in Venice.




Venice 96 taxi

If you call a taxi in Venice, don’t look for an old yellow Chevy to arrive.

This is a Venice water taxi.




Venice 179

A fountain by the gondola station.




Venice 171 woman in window

This lady was airing her blanket above one of the narrow canals.




Venice 61 mask shop

Masks are very popular in Venice (for reasons I have yet to know).

This is one of the many mask shops around town.





Venice 174

A beautiful scene along the Grand Canal just before returning to Pordenone.



 Hope you enjoyed venice!



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