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Seneca Rocks

Allegheny Mts / Fall Colors / 1st Snow

October 13 – November 1, 2008


I had the opportunity to ride over the mountains to Seneca Rocks (my favorite destination in WV!) twice in the past month.  Both times, the fall colors were amazing, probably because we’ve been away from WV for the past 23 years.  My first ride was after work on October 13th.  The second ride was Saturday, Nov 1st – a day that started out cold (frost on the cars), then warmed up by the time I left at 11:00, then cooled off quickly as I gained elevation in the mountains.  There was still snow along the side of the road from the snow earlier in the week.  Lucky I brought along plenty of warm clothing. 


October 13


Seneca Rocks sm.jpg

Destination: Seneca Rocks, Oct 13th.    Probably my most favorite place in the world.  Lots of memories here of when I

would bring my grandparents up on Sunday afternoons for picnics.  My grandfather loved to watch the climbers through his binoculars. 


Cave 1sm.jpg

Coming across Rt 33 East from Elkins, this cave is a long-time landmark. 



Cave 2sm.jpg

Close-up view inside the cave.  Almost certainly man-made. 


Laurel Fork 1sm.jpg

Laurel Fork from the bridge on Rt 33.


Rich Mt 1sm.jpg

Rich Mt overlook.  (CR 31)


Allegheny Mt 1sm.jpg

Allegheny Mt summit eastbound on Rt 33. 


Allegheny Mt 2sm.jpg

Coming down Allegheny Mt eastbound on Rt 33.  Nice colors.

(Compare this picture with the one on Nov 1st ) 



Nov 1st


Today was a beautiful day, except for the cool temperatures in the morning (and in the mountains)


Shavers Mt 1sm.jpg

Uh, oh!  East of Elkins about 6 miles, I ran into the first snow along the road. 

Temperatures were dropping quickly as I climbed.



Shavers Mt 2sm.jpg

Further up the mountain, deeper snow and colder temps.

Glad I brought those pocket warmers! 



Allegheny Mt 1sm.jpg

Coming over Allegheny Mt, you can see how the trees have

lost their leaves in the past few weeks. 



Seneca Rocks 1sm.jpg

Seneca Rocks, Nov 1st.  Colors are fading.



After Seneca Rocks, I continued on to Petersburg for a quick visit with my folks.




Champe Rocks 1sm.jpg

Champe Rocks – about 5 miles north of Seneca Rocks on Rt 55/28. 



N Fork 1sm.jpg

Continuing on Rt 55/28 toward Petersburg.



N Fork Rock 1sm.jpg

The rocks along the South Branch of the Potomac River at the

Grant County / Pendleton County line. 


Well, I had a nice visit with my folks, then turned around and re-traced my route back to Clarksburg, arriving around 5:30 while the sun was up (and the temperatures warm).  It was a fun, relaxing ride today.  Glad you could join me. 


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