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Rothenburg, Germany




Rothenburg was once a prosperous medieval town that went to sleep after the Thirty-Years War and didn’t wake up until tourists began knocking on their door centuries later.  Knowing a good thing when they saw it, the residents vowed to keep the town just as it had been in the Middle Ages.


Originally a castle on a hilltop a thousand years ago, the walls surrounded the entire town when built in the 13th Century.  During the Reformation, the town turned Protestant and as a result suffered terribly during the Thirty Years War of the 17th Century.  Stripped of its wealth and too poor to afford new buildings, Rothenburg sank into obscurity until the tourists arrived.




Rothenburg SQE by city wall

Spencer on the wall surrounding Rothenburg.





Rothenburg SQE wall 0078

Spencer on the Rothenburg wall facing into the village.





Rothenburg St James 0067

St James Cathedral.

It’s so large, it’s hard to get a good picture with all of it showing.





Rothenburg St James arches

St James Cathedral – trusses supporting the side of the sanctuary.





Rothenburg St James 0091

Alter of the St James Cathedral.





Rothenburg St James alter 0093

Close-up of the alter.





Rothenburg St James 0102

The old organ at St James Cathedral.





Rothenburg St James 0101

The organ pipes in the balcony area.





Rothenburg St James figures 0064

Some of the many figures adorning the outside of St James Cathedral.





Rothenburg street 0042

Down the winding road to the Torture Museum!





Rothenburg guesthouse 0068

A guesthouse in Rothenburg.




Rothenburg street 0005

Picturesque street in Rothenburg.




Rothenburg torture device 0029

One of the interesting spots in Rothenburg is the Torture Museum.  As gruesome as it sounds,

it is actually a very interesting exhibit of laws and punishments from the medieval times.

 Here is a collection of clamps and screws attached to a wrongdoer’s arms or legs in very uncomfortable ways.





Rothenburg the Rack 0024

From the Torture Museum, a place to rest your weary bones if you were ornery.

The next day, though, you would be several inches taller.





Rothenburg torture double neck violin 0034

Here’s an interesting device known as the “double violin” for fighting spouses. 

Not a musical instrument, but rather a means to clamp your neck and hands, along with those of your spouse,

for a period of several days or weeks.  Needless to say, some cooperation was necessary for eating and drinking.

(I won’t even try to IMAGINE going to the bathroom!)

For a better picture of what this was like, see the next picture.





Rothenburg torture double neck violin sign

Imagine being “attached” to your spouse like this for a few days!!





Rothenburg torture shame mask 0037

Shame mask.  Worn for minor offenses like telling dirty jokes.




Rothenburg torture 0030

A depiction of mediaeval torture.




Rothenburg doorway 0010 

An ornate doorway in Rothenburg.





Rothenburg Rachmaninoff vodka  0086

I always thought Rachmaniniff was just a composer, but

it looks like he liked to make vodka, too.

This was in one of the Rothenburg storefronts.





Rothenburg SQE Dad Gallows

Hey, let me out.  Dad did it, not me!!!




Rothenburg arch horses 0084

Horse and buggy coming through one of the many arches in Rothenburg.





Rothenburg McDonalds 0059

Can you believe it?  What medieval village would be complete without its very own McDonalds!!??




Hope you enjoyed




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