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Holly River / Monterey VA

Sugar Grove / Champe Rocks


July 2008



First stop of the day, Webster Springs.  The Happy House Church.


Monterey area1.jpg

Rt 250 just over the VA border toward Monterey.  Nice overlook.


Monterey area Rt 250.jpg

Rt 250 eastbound approaching Monterey VA. 


Rt220 WV.jpg

After a quick hot dog in Monterey, it was north on Rt 220 and back into WV.


CR25 Sugar Grove.jpg

Just a few miles north of the WV border, I turned east onto CR 25 toward Moyers and Sugar Grove.

I was heading to the Naval Base at Sugar Grove (who would have thought the Navy would be in WV??).



SG Church.jpg

The Methodist Church in Sugar Grove. 

Shortly after this, I had an odd encounter.  Being on a backroad with no oncoming traffic,

I raised the visor on my full-face helmet to get some fresh air (it was hot!)   A few moments later,

a bee flew in and stung me by my left eye.  Ouch!  Luckily, I was only going about 45 MPH at the time,

and could safely stop and pull off the road.  After removing my helmet, I pulled a large stinger out of my

left temple about an inch behind the eye.  It was sore, but nothing too bad until 2 days later when I awoke to

a left eye half swollen shut.  A quick trip to the VA Hospital nearby, and I was on a routine of

Benedryl and ice packs.  Oh well, it was only the 2nd time in 30 years of riding. 



CR14 Kline.jpg

I could not take photos around the Naval Base at Sugar Grove for security reasons.

Heading north, I passed through Brandywine, then Oak Flat, where I turned north on CR 3 to

Ft Seybert, where I turned left onto CR 14 toward Kline (photo above).

The next photo is from the road ahead looking back to this spot. 



CR14 Kline2.jpg

CR 14 near Kline.  Looking back on where I took the previous photo.  Nice area!



CR14 KlineSign.jpg

CR 12 near Kline, also known as ………..


Ch Rocks.jpg

After a stop at our farm near Petersburg to pick up a metal detector (that’s it strapped on the back),

I headed back home via Champe Rocks (above), Seneca, Elkins, and Philippi. 



Ch Rocks sign.jpg

A brief history of Champe Rocks.  I’ve passed this sign hundreds of times and

this is the first time I have stopped to read it. 


Hope you enjoyed today’s ride.


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