Sunnyside Before and After


Views of Sunnyside area of Morgantown WV before and after WVU bought

almost all of the property, tore down houses and built student housing.


Although more "politically correct" and pleasing to the eye, Sunnyside was a big part of many students' memories of Morgantown and WVU.

It was the Party Center - many of which got out of hand and resulted in couch burnings in the streets and other "festivities".

It is interesting to see the few remaining buildings from the old photos.  Sunnyside - we'll miss you!! 



Photos From Sept 2012 (Google Maps Street View) and My Photos from Nov 2016



BEFORE                                                             AFTER

(Google Street View)                                                                                                 (My Photos)


Before1cr.jpg           After (1)cr.jpg

View #1





Before2cr.jpg           After (2).jpg

View #2






Before3cr.jpg           After (3)cr.jpg

View #3






Before4cr.jpg          After (4).jpg

View #4






Before5.jpg           After (5)cr.jpg

View #5






Before6.jpg          After (6)cr.jpg

View #6





Before7.jpg            After (7)cr.jpg

View #7





Before8.jpg         After (8)cr.jpg

View #8





Before9.jpg             After (9)cr.jpg

View #9






Before10.jpg                After (10)cr.jpg

View #10





Before11.jpg                After (11)cr.jpg

View #11





Before12cr.jpg           After (12).jpg

View #12





Before13.jpg         After (13)cr.jpg

View #13





Before14.jpg          After (14)cr.jpg

View #14





Before15.jpg        After (15)cr.jpg

View #15





Before16.jpg        After (16)cr.jpg

View #16





Before17.jpg          After (17)cr.jpg

View #16






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