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Located about an hour east and slightly south of Frankfurt is a hilly region with many small towns, including Miltenberg, Michelstadt, and Amorbach.  Much of the area reminded me of parts of West Virginia.








Miltenberg lies along the banks of the Main (pronounced “Mine”) River. The area was settled in the 2nd Century AD by the Romans as part of their great defensive wall called the Limes.  A castle was begun around 1200 by the Archbishops of Mainz to protect the growing trading post that connected the Rhine-Main area with the overland route to the Danube River.  The town prospered during the Middle Ages, changed hands many times, ultimately ending up as part of Bavaria.  The region is now known as Odenwald.




Miltenberg from bridge2

Miltenberg lies along the banks of the Main River.





The Main Street (Hauptstrasse) through Miltenberg takes you back to another time.





One of many old houses lining the streets of Miltenberg.

This family runs a restaurant on their first floor.




Miltenberg 1

Another interesting house along the Main Strasse.




Miltenberg brew house

The Karl Loch Brauerei (Brewery) in Miltenberg.




Miltenberg bridge tower2

The bridge across the Main River in Miltenberg.





Miltenberg early morning fisherman

This fisherman was trying his luck early one morning.





Miltenberg fountain1

Miltenberg’s central Markt (Market). 

The Market Square fountain from 1583 is visible on the right.





Miltenberg fountain closeup1

A closeup of the town fountain in Miltenberg.















Michelstadt center1

Even on a rainy day, people were out on the town square enjoying a beer.





Michelstadt sidestreet1

One of the interesting side streets and cafes in Michelstadt.





Michelstadt Elephant House pub

The Elefantenhaus (Elephant House) pub in Michelstadt.





Michelstadt wedding1

The day I was in Michelstadt, a local fireman was getting married.

His co-workers arranged the “reception” for the new couple outside the church door.





Michelstadt wedding3

One of the traditions is for the new couple to saw a log to signify the teamwork they would

 need to succeed in life and in marriage.





Michelstadt Basilika3

Just outside Michelstadt is this old Basilica.





Michelstadt Basilika inside1

Inside the Basilica is this row of old stone carvings.





Michelstadt Basilika inside figure2

Close-up of one of the stone carvings.




Michelstadt Furstenau castle 1

The Furstenau Castle in Michelstadt is now a music school.










Just 5 miles south of Miltenberg lies the town of Amorbach. 



Amorbach Castle Mill

The Castle Mill restaurant in Amorbach.




Amorbach church1

This is one of two churches in Amorbach.

Though it wasn’t the largest, when you see the next picture,

you will probably agree it is absolutely beautiful inside.





Amorbach church inside1 cropped

Incredible!!  No other word can describe the inside of this church.




Amorbach church inside3

A close-up of the alter.




Amorbach church inside6

A view of the ceiling and organ pipes at the rear of the church.




As I was leaving the Amorbach area, I happened to see

 the following couple leaving the parking area.


Austin Powers mobile2

This young couple was obviously born 30 years too late. 

Long live Austin Powers! Groovy, Baby!!!




Hope you enjoyed







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