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Bitche, France

The Citadel


We discovered the French city of Bitche (pronounced ‘Beech’) as we were on our way to Strasbourg, France one drizzly day. 

As we were approaching the city limits, we saw a large fortress (Citadel) way off in the distance.  As we got closer, we found an interesting spot rich in history.





Bitche Sign Citadel

We had a nice view of the Citadel on the hilltop as we entered the town of Bitche, just 20 miles inside the French border from Germany.

The size is deceiving – from here, it’s almost 2 miles away.




Pay the lady

This nice lady was at the booth outside the Citadel.  It looks like the sign should translate into “Pay the Lady!”, but “pays” (pronounced ‘pie’) means ‘region’.

  We are in “The Region of Bitche”. It’s an information booth.





Bitche Citadel 02

As we approached the entrance to the Citadel, its immense size became apparent.





Bitche Citadel 06

Spencer is checking out one of the moats and immense walls with Beth and Mrs. Hinesly, a

friend we met on our trip to Italy in June 2001.




Citadel walls overlook Bitche 2

A view of Bitche from the walls of the Citadel.





Citadel cannon and Bitche

The cannons had a pretty good shot at anyone approaching the Citadel from any direction.





Citadel inside arches1

We traveled under the Citadel to the areas where people lived during the battles.





SQE Citadel well pump

This underground pump provided fresh water to the people living underground.





Outside well Citadel

Back above ground, we passed this water fountain that is now a flower pot.





Bitche flower pot

How would you like this in front of your house? 

I think the neighbors would talk!






Citadel entry walkway2

As we left, I turned for one last look at the entrance.



Hope you enjoyed



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