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The complete travelogue

 of our trip

North to Alaska


 July 2007

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PART 1 of 3


Mascoutah, Illinois to Anchorage, Alaska


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A few years ago, we started talking about going back to visit Alaska before Spencer graduated from high school and went off to college. 

We lived there from 1989-1996 and Spencer was born there in 1990.  There are a lot of good memories from those years in the "49th State". 

We hope you enjoy the photos and stories of our drive from Illinois to Alaska and back - a round trip of some 9,500 miles.  Here we go!!





2007AK 217.jpg

 Our trusty old van - 1996 Chevrolet Lumina APV with 129,000 miles.

All cleaned up, new tires, new oil and anti-freeze.




2007AK 214.jpg

Packing up.  My goal was to keep a clear view out of the rear window.



2007AK 215.jpg

Plenty of room to stretch out in comfort.




DAY 1:  Sunday July 1st

Mascoutah, Illinois to Omaha, Nebraska

Today 462 miles : Trip total 462 miles




2007AK 218.jpg

Spencer's driving the first leg of the trip.  Here we go!!




2007AK 221.jpg

25 miles from home.  Guess where?

(St Louis Arch)




2007AK 223.jpg

Look closely.  It's night, but you can see the space shuttle Endeavor getting a ride home to Florida on the back of a NASA 747.

Like us, it's over-nighting at Offutt Air Force Base, where we lived from 1996-1999.



DAY 2:  Monday July 2nd

Omaha, Nebraska to Murdo, South Dakota

Today 411 miles :  Trip total 873 miles



2007AK 229.jpg

The second-most-popular tourist destination in South Dakota, the Corn Palace in Mitchell is

decorated each year with ears of corn in varying colors to create very imaginative murals.




2007AK 232.jpg

Inside the Corn Palace.  Lots of "corny" vendors.




2007AK 234.jpg

Some of the corn murals on the wall at the Corn Palace.




2007AK 240.jpg

Close-up of a corn mural.

A lot of thought goes into the details.




2007AK 243.jpg

OK, we're done with the Corn Palace and heading west through South Dakota.

It's mostly loooonnnng stretches of straight road with occasional scenes like this.




DAY 3:  Tuesday July 3rd

Murdo, South Dakota to Sheridan, Wyoming

Today 442 miles :  Trip total 1,315 miles



2007AK 244.jpg

New day, same scenery (for awhile).



2007AK 245.jpg

Did I mention long stretches of road?  Oh, yes, I did.  Here's more!

Are we there yet?  Only 3,000 miles to go to get to Alaska.




2007AK 248.jpg

We got out to stretch our legs and enjoy the spectacular scenery of...  the prairies!

We did comb our hair first, but there is a constant 30 MPH wind.




2007AK 250.jpg

Wall Drug has been a popular tourist trap for decades!

There are literally hundreds of billboards all over the Dakotas advertising this site.



2007AK 252.jpg

Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota.

We stopped to look at the museum.  Very nice!!




2007AK 257.jpg

One of the museum displays is this nuclear (or, as George W. Bush says, "NU-CU-LAR")

missile launch command from an underground missile silo.




2007AK 260.jpg

Approaching Mt Rushmore - our first view as we ascend toward the monument.




2007AK 262.jpg

Uh, oh!  A half mile to go, and the traffic is parked in both lanes.  Moving verrry slowly!

When we finally got to within 2 cars of the parking lot entrance, it closed.  Full.

We drove past the lot about a mile, parked along the road, and walked back.





2007AK 263.jpg

A glimpse of George Washington from a side angle between the rocks.




MtRushmore96.jpg  2007AK 266.jpg

Family photo at Mt Rushmore.  (Left - 1996 / Right - 2007)





2007AK 273.jpg

Close-up of the 4 Presidents.




2007AK 275.jpg

Hiking some of the trails around Mt Rushmore.




2007AK 279.jpg

After Mt Rushmore, it was time to head west to Sheridan, Wyoming for the night.



2007AK 284.jpg

Leaving the Badlands and heading toward the Rockies.




DAY 4:  Wednesday July 4th

Sheridan, Wyoming to Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Today 355 miles : Trip total 1,670 miles



2007AK 288.jpg

Westbound from Sheridan, Wyoming.

Interesting 2-lane road as it approaches the first of the Rocky Mountains.

Suddenly, we were climbing toward the sky on a twisty stretch of road.




2007AK 298.jpg

Near the top of the first climb, we looked back on where we took the previous photo.




2007AK 005.jpg

Steamboat Point, near the top of the first climb west of Sheridan.

Elevation is 7,200 feet.




2007AK 031.jpg

Welcome to Yellowstone National Park.  Road construction in progress.




2007AK 039.jpg

Continental Divide at Yellowstone NP.

All rivers west of this point flow into the Pacific.

All rivers east of this point flow into the Gulf of Mexico.

(See next photo for flashback!)





Flashback to 1996 - We stopped at Yellowstone on our way back from Alaska.

The car was shipped to Seattle and we drove from there to Nebraska.

Who would have thought we'd be back for another photo in 11 years?





2007AK 042ps.jpg

Waiting for Old Faithful.  (She's brewing in the background)




2007AK 047.jpg    img295.jpg

Thar' she blows!  Old Faithful.  (Left 2007 - Right Spencer in 1996)




2007AK 062.jpg

There were many active hot springs throughout the park.




2007AK 071.jpg

The North Canyon of Yellowstone.

Nicknamed the "Grand Canyon of Yellowstone".





At Yellowstone with Spencer on our way back from Alaska to our new home in Nebraska - June 1996.




2007AK 082.jpg

Yellowstone - Lower Falls




2007AK 088.jpg

On the way back to the room, we passed this huge herd of bison.




2007AK 096.jpg

This guy wanted a little time to himself and was wandering up the road away from the herd.




2007AK 098.jpg

We also saw several elk.



2007AK 101.jpg

More hot springs in Yellowstone.



2007AK 125.jpg

Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone.

These have been mostly inactive since about 1998.  Beautiful colors, though.




2007AK 116.jpg

The moon was shining brightly above Mammoth Hot Springs.




2007AK 127.jpg

Mammoth Hot Springs is continually growing as water seeps from underground.

The water evaporates and the minerals stay behind and build up.





Flashback - Family photo at Mammoth Hot Springs in June 1996.



2007AK 119.jpg

View of Mammoth Hot Springs from above.


We enjoyed a nice quiet evening at Grant Village Lodge.

No TV, no internet, no phone!  Ahhh, peace and quiet.



DAY 5:  Thursday July 5th

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming to Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana

Today 403 miles : Trip total 2,073 miles


2007AK 133.jpg

Goodbye, Yellowstone!

Leaving the North Entrance by Gardiner, Montana.




2007AK 137.jpg

Montana, northbound to Malmstrom AFB.

Over the next couple of hours, the mountains got smaller.




2007AK 143.jpg

As we got closer to Malmstrom AFB and the Canada border,

the landscape was becoming more level, but still hilly.




DAY 6:  Friday July 6th

Malmstrom AFB, Montana to Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)

Today 530 miles: Trip total 2,603 miles




2007AK 145.jpg

After leaving Malmstrom AFB, it was north about 150 miles to the border of Canada.

Here, we are approaching customs and border inspection.



2007AK 146.jpg

It was pretty uneventful crossing, but the line moved slowly.

It took about an hour to get through this line of about 15 cars.




2007AK 148.jpg

Soon, we were on our way!  Welcome to Canada!

Alberta is mostly flat farming country.  Lots of grain fields.




2007AK 149.jpg

What did I tell you?  It looks like this most of the way to Edmonton.

It reminds us of Nebraska and Kansas.





2007AK 151.jpg

We rolled into Edmonton after dinner, so the hotel pickings were slim.

The Travel Lodge was nice and reasonably priced, but the lady told me the only room left was a "Theme Room" with bears.

I thought Spencer would get a laugh out of this.  He did!

I promised to email this picture to all of his friends at school. 




2007AK 154.jpg

Edmonton Mall - the world's largest indoor mall.




2007AK 155.jpg

Edmonton Mall - HUGE indoor wave pool/ swimming pool.




2007AK 156.jpg

And, of course, there has to be an indoor skating rink since we're in Canada!





DAY 7:  Saturday July 7th

Edmonton, Alberta to Fort Nelson, British Columbia

Today 653 miles: Trip total 3,256 miles


We are up early and on the road by 6:00am.  We decide to drive for an hour before stopping for breakfast at

McDonalds in Whitecourt. Then, it was on to Dawson Creek, the start of the ALCAN (Alaska/Canada Highway). 



2007AK 164.jpg

After about 2,800 miles, we are finally at the START of the Alaska Highway!





2007AK 1391.jpg

Nearby is the official starting point.  Mile "0".

We will be back here in a couple of weeks.




2007AK 1385.jpg

This old maps shows the path of the Alaska Highway through British Columbia, Yukon Territory, and Alaska.




2007AK 1386.jpg

This sign was posted back in the 1940s as a warning for

those applying for work on the Alaska Highway.




2007AK 167.jpg

We're finally on the ALCAN (Alaska/Canada Highway).  The first hundred miles is pretty tame.

This is where most of the countryside transitions from farmland to forests.





2007AK 170.jpg

About 50 miles up the ALCAN, we ran into the first gravel section - road construction.

The long, brutal winters are hard on the road and there is only a short window in the summer to do repairs.





2007AK 172.jpg

The gravel section did not last long.  Most of the ALCAN was well paved.




2007AK 175.jpg

Continuing on to Ft Nelson.  It's looking more and more remote.





Suddenly Spencer shouted, "Stop!".  He took this great photo of a black bear

along the road through the open van door.




2007AK 188.jpg

About 150 miles up the ALCAN.

Civilization is rapidly disappearing in our rearview mirror. 


We made it to Ft Nelson and stayed at Woodlands Inn, a very nice (new) hotel.  We also got our first reminder of how expensive everything is on the ALCAN.  Gas was $5.00 per gallon and a medium pizza was $25.00.  Ouch!




DAY 8:  Sunday July 8th

Fort Nelson, British Columbia to Teslin Lake, Yukon

Today 475 miles:  Trip total 3,731 miles


I awoke this morning with terrible nausea and a headache. Could it be the greasy pizza from last night? I don't want to slow down our progress, so I decided to get out the pillows and sleep in the 2nd row seat while Beth and Spencer drove.  I rested for about 2 hours, then awoke when I heard the excitement - wildlife in the road! 


2007AK 303.jpg

Spencer getting a "thru the windshield" picture

of wildlife in the highway.




2007AK 305.jpg

They are not too concerned about our van.

Can't they see Beth is driving???




2007AK 199.jpg

Just up the road, Mama and baby are out for a stroll.




2007AK 312.jpg

Hey - When ya' gotta go, ya' gotta go!





2007AK 314.jpg

"Hey, take my picture!  Cheeeeeeese!"




2007AK 319.jpg

Nice pullout along the McDonald River.



2007AK 320.jpg

Family photo at McDonald River / Stone Mountain area.




2007AK 328.jpg

Farther up the ALCAN is Summit Lake. Spencer is trying to tell the stone sheep

the sign says they should be over here.




2007AK 340.jpg

Approaching the Toad River and Muncho Lake area.

By now, I was feeling better and gave

Beth and Spencer a break from driving.




2007AK 361.jpg

Liard Hot Springs area is noted for its bison herds.

We stopped as a herd passed in front and behind us.




2007AK 365.jpg

This crazy lady behind us stood out in the path of the bison.

I guess she wanted to socialize with them.  Cool until they get spooked.




2007AK 370.jpg

Ah, somebody's sleepy.  I guess he drove early this morning.




2007AK 371.jpg

We woke up Spencer for the "Welcome to the Yukon" sign.

He's smiling, but he's also asleep (Note the closed eyes).





This is what a typical gas station on the ALCAN looks like.

Lots more personality than the corner Exxon back home.





Continuing north into the Yukon forests.




2007AK 373.jpg

Ft Nelson, Yukon.  Legend has it that a homesick worker on the

ALCAN back in the 1940s put up a sign from his hometown.

Others soon followed.  Over the years, tens of thousands (yes!) of signs have

been added to what is now known as the Sign Post Forest.





2007AK 375.jpg

One of the many rows of city and street signs.




2007AK 378.jpg

More signs!




2007AK 380.jpg

Looking for places we've been.  Many are from Europe.




Approaching Teslin Lake and our hotel for the night.




2007AK 392.jpg

Finally, we made it to Teslin Lake and stayed at the Dawson Peaks Resort.




2007AK 389.jpg

Beautiful setting of the cabins along the lake.




2007AK 386.jpg

Well, it may not be a fancy resort, but it was nice and quiet.

We had indoor bathroom, electricity, a bed, and very few mosquitos.

What more do you want?




2007AK 387.jpg

Spencer camped out on the floor.  We all slept well.




DAY 9:  Monday July 9th

Teslin Lake, Yukon to Tok, Alaska

Today 503 miles:  Total miles 4,234



2007AK 394.jpg

We got an early start (again) the next morning and headed north.

Here, Spencer is driving as we approach the Teslin River.





2007AK 396.jpg

The Teslin River Bridge is the 3rd-longest span on the ALCAN.

Spencer got to drive the one open lane with a 100-foot drop just inches to the left.

(Spoiler alert - We made it!)





2007AK 405.jpg

One of many motorcyclists we saw on the ALCAN.

I originally thought I'd like to ride it, but it's all paved now.

Not quite the motorcycle adventure that it once was.





2007AK 407.jpg

Caution - Elk next 20 Kilometers (about 12 miles)

The only elk we saw on this trip were back at Yellowstone.





2007AK 415.jpg

Haines Junction, Yukon.  Be sure to turn right or you'll end up in Haines.




2007AK 417.jpg

Heading north from Haines Junction toward Kluane Lake.




2007AK 420.jpg

Approaching Kluane Lake and Sheep Mountain.

This is the largest lake in the Yukon (154 square miles)




2007AK 422.jpg

Waiting for road construction at Kluane Lake.  The next 100 miles had a lot of

waiting for pilot cars to usher us through construction zones.




2007AK 430.jpg

Watching them tear away the side of the mountain to widen the road.




2007AK 432.jpg

Finally!  Time to go.  Follow the truck. 




2007AK 433.jpg

Rough road.  I hope none of those big rocks overhead fall.

You can see why they want to widen the road.




2007AK 438.jpg

Once we were past the construction zone, we had a nice view of Kluane Lake.




2007AK 444.jpg

Still a couple of hours away from the Alaska border.

The scenery is incredible! 




2007AK 445.jpg

Heading north past Kluane Lake and approaching the Alaska border.

A new bridge is being built alongside the old one.




2007AK 448.jpg

Not too far from Alaska now.




2007AK 449.jpg

More gravel.  More campers.




2007AK 452.jpg

Generally, oncoming traffic will slow and move over as far as possible to reduce dust and flying rocks.




2007AK 453.jpg

More construction.  They only have 3 or 4 months each year to repair the roads each year.

Our trusty old van is holding up well.




2007AK 454.jpg

The joy of following campers on a dusty road.




2007AK 473.jpg

Are we there yet?  Mastering the state-of-the-art gaming devices of 2007.





2007AK 457.jpg


After 8-1/2 days and 4,100 miles, we reach the border of Alaska.



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